Bioclimatic pergolas

Bioclimatic Pergolas are designed in close collaboration with Nature.
In particular, Dirello’s bioclimatic pergolas are created and designed with an “intelligent technology” that allows light to enter, favors the natural recycling of air but represents an important shield from the sun. The result? Especially during the summer season, our bioclimatic pergolas involve less use of cooling systems, and allow, thanks to product design innovation, to be shielded from rain.
Furthermore, bioclimatic pergolas take advantage of the summer breezes to ventilate the rooms; they are solutions designed for 365 days a year, in fact they open to the sun during the winter and close in the summer, adapting perfectly to the characteristics of the climatic conditions. Not only advantages from a thermal and light point of view, but a “100% ecological” solution that involves the rational use of natural resources.