Bioclimatic pergolas
Our Bioclimatic pergolas are planned in line with nature. They make use of futuristic technology on their exterior to optimise energy consumption and to protect the interior from direct sunlight in order to prevent overheating.
In particular, our bioclimatic brise soleils have been created using intelligent technology to allow the entry of natural light and permit the passage of air while still providing effective shading from the sun. The result is that, particularly in the summer, the use of our brise soleils leads to a lesser use of air conditioning while also providing effective protection from rainfall.
In addition, these brise soleils make use of summer breezes to aerate interiors, opening to the sun in winter and closing for shade in the summer, adapting to the climate 365 days per year. They not only provide advantages from the point of view of optimum light and heat levels, but are also a 100% ecological solution using natural resources to great effect.