Who we are


Who we are is clear to see. Dirello, founded in the early 1980’s, has a history based on tradition and research alike, seasoned by the passion of two generations for a whole new concept of outdoor design, putting the design itself and the technology behind it at the service of the client. “We have put our name on our products because we are what we do”. Dirello is a complex and ambitious project with a precise growth strategy, which ties together all of the phases of innovation, planning, and strategy in a single location. This new location in Modugno, Bari province, has a surface area of over 4000m2.


It was 1983 when the creativity and entrepreneurial vision of Salvatore Dirello led to an industrial product with an artisanal heart. It first bore the name of its founder, later to be rebranded “Tenda Service”: a business specialised in the production of high quality sun shades. Over the years, everything evolves, but one thing remained constant: the passion of the two generations of the Dirello family for a whole new concept of outdoor design, putting the design itself and the technology behind it at the service of the client.

Over time, in response to changes in the market and the development of new technologies a new brand was created, one destined to become market leader in the outdoor design sector: Dirello. The experience of the father is mirrored by the new vision of the sons, a new way of working based on artisans working carefully around an extremely hi-tech product.  Evolution does not have to cut all ties with the past, and in this case, it builds on it and the surname behind it. The Dirello name has been for generations synonymous with professionalism and quality, because as our motto says “coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress and working together is a success”.


The Dirello project speaks the languages of the world. Wherever the rays of the sun shine, Dirello is there. With a consolidated presence in Italy, Dirello is present across Europe, in particular in France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and Austria. It is also present in other parts of the world: from Australia to the United States, from Russia to Singapore and the Arab Emirates, Kuwait, and Qatar, through to Sudan and Nigeria. For this reason, most of the international sector fairs boast the presence of a Dirello stand with important evidence of our experience. These fairs include the Made Expo in Milan, the Polyclose in Gent (Belgium) and the R&T in Stuttgart (Germany).


The spirit of Italy is at the centre of the Dirello project. The energy of our nation is the driving force pushing us towards ever more state of the art solutions, inspired by the 100% Italian style so popular with overseas markets. A signature style translating to quality, safety and a strong identity, which identifies and distinguishes Dirello on the international market as a truly Italian product. Everything happens under the same roof – all stages of concept and planning are developed by highly qualified resources within the business, guaranteeing continuity and a decisive Italian character in terms of design.


Dirello focuses a great deal of attention on communication. It is no accident that the company maintains its coherent and continuous growth through highly developed communication campaigns with particular emphasis on the web and social media (official channels on Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter and YouTube). Dirello is covered by a great many portals and magazines on architecture and design. In addition, to publicise its vast range of products, the company develops its own technical lists, emotional books, brochures, material samples, videos, photographs, decals and demonstration cases. All of these tools are used with the aim of better showing off the infinite details of the Dirello company’s creations.


Our brand lives thanks to a single element, a minimum common denominator that succeeds in transforming the Idea into a Project: people.
Women and men within the System are the most ambitious and hi-tech investment. This is because we believe that, alongside the growth of resources, we must first and foremost need growth for all those who are called to conceive, plan, produce and advise. Working in Dirello for so it means to be an active part of a complex and important training mechanism that starts from the selections of the best performing figures on the national scene to lead to a structured plan where the watchword is: to grow.


All Dirello products are CE branded and in line with all of the guidelines laid down by the European Directives and are physically and mechanically certified, with checks carried out on a daily basis by the company’s technical staff and by highly qualified external laboratories. The business can therefore guarantee its products 100% thanks to careful policies. The firm is constantly updating its products, its production systems and all of its procedures. All of Dirello’s pergolas and closure systems are very reliable thanks to the quality control carried out and are entirely covered by guarantees in line with the latest European laws.


We know how to identify, protect and enhance our creativity, make it a fundamental element of our company assets and build the competitive advantage of our company.
The importance of industrial property means understanding the value of ideas and the need for their defense.
To do so, Dirello carries out a constant monitoring and surveillance operation in the territories, through its sales network, and with the support of specialized law firms. We carry out careful research on databases and surveillance activities on competitors, to combat the counterfeiting of our
intellectual property rights and act promptly in front of each
violation by initiating lawsuits related to the protection of intellectual property.