Diesis set out new outdoor spaces excellent protection against sun and weathering, in harmony with the environment, thank to the use of renewable and inexhaustible energy sources such as sun, wind, water and air. It gives you to benefit of comfortable outdoor space and extension between inside and outside.
The watchword is customization, Diesis bioclimatic pergola highest degree of performance to levels never seen before, making the product extremely customisable and able to meet the most demanding needs. Integration of zip screen in combination with sliding glass doors and modular raised floor, allowing you to enjoy your outdoor space throughout the whole year.


> Patented product;
> Freestanding and wall leaning versions;
> Different configurations and coupling systems for multiple modules;
> Diesis/O: bioclimatic pergola with adjustable blades system;
> Diesis/R: bioclimatic pergola with retractable and adjustable blades system;
> Diesis/RC: bioclimatic pergola with innovative system for central opening mode of the blades towards the pergola ends;
> AORS®: patented retractable/adjustable blades system;
> HTS®: patented blade hooking device with pulling and balancing mechanism for optimal blades closure;
> Flat roof made of extruded aluminium blades section 222×55 mm, rotation from 0° to 120°;
> Perimeter gutter section 200×270 mm, prepared for integrated Bora zip screen and equipped with a flap profile to protect against water splashing inside the pergola when it is raining;
> Pillats section 200×200 mm with telescopic foot, integrated downpipes and integrated sliding guides for Bora zip screen;
> Extruded aluminium frame with stainless steel components;
> Epoxy powder coating resistant UV rays;
> Automated movements with remote control;
> Integrated and inspectionable electrical system;
> Optimal watertightness;
> Product CE marking UNI EN 13561;
> Made in Italy.


> Soundproof Blades: Blades equipped with partial internal insulation, for acoustic comfort improovement;
> Outdoor LED System: Perimeter Outdoor LED system available in warm, cold white or RGB.
> Climatic sensors: with built-in sensors you can protect your space regardless of the weather;
> Dirello Concert: integrated audio system;
> WI-FI Interface: App that allows you to control all systems, at any time and wherever you are;
> Bora: integrated zip screen incorporate into the pergola frame;
> Phantom Glass: Panoramic vertical sliding window;
> Total-glass sliding systems: Scenica & Belvedere;
> Modular raised floor: Plank & SQ;