All Dirello projects are as unique as our clients are. Our solutions possess distinctive details, requiring the services of a specialist planning office to model and define products around the needs of the client to create the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing result possible. In addition, the product itself is brought to life in realistic renders, allowing the client to see the finished product in advance. The sale of these products is entrusted to a widespread network of highly trained and constantly updated salespeople.


Thanks to the use of flexible, futuristic, business management software, we are able to manage the entire production process in real time. All of this represents a guarantee for the client in terms of delivery times, which are continually monitored. In addition, the distribution channels are an integral part of the Dirello formula, with our network permitting our products to arrive the world over, providing protection from the elements at all latitudes.


The pulsing heart of the Dirello business is the showroom, a space to show off all of the jewels of the company’s vast product range. This area is dedicated to sales and planning, and renders it possible to see the products from close up. The many finishes, colours and materials are no longer simply detailed in a brochure, but are available to be viewed.


Dirello always places people at the centre of its strategy. The company’s philosophy is fundamentally based on constant technological advancement; and this includes the training provided to staff. All personnel can respond to even the most complex of customer enquiries and can help the customer to choose the best product based on circumstances and climate. Dirello also provides training to its sales network, with meetings and courses being organised regularly to ensure that the whole network is kept updated on the many innovations.


Innovation is a fundamental element in our growth, based on the Dirello legacy of creativity which is proven by the existence of 14 patents. Continuous renewal is one of the business’s strategic focus points, with growth for us being synonymous with anticipating client needs and bringing together all of the elements required to make the perfect product: technology, materials, finishes and design.Some Dirello products are also equipped with further optional technology, such as:

  • Automatic movement
  • Sensors to detect and react to atmospheric phenomena
  • OUTDOOR LED SYSTEM® lighting
  • The DIRELLO CONCERT audio system to reproduce music in total relaxation.